Established in 1996, Tracimexco – Supply Chains and Agency Services J.S Company (TRA-SAS) is a leading company in the field of logistics and supply chain services in Vietnam.

With the precursor Shipping and Agency Services Enterprise which belongs to TRACIMEXCO – a subsidiary of Ministry of Transport, TRA-SAS has continuously evolved, delivering on sustainable commitments and establishing itself as a strategic partner in logistics services for numerous industrial zones, infrastructure projects, and large-scale businesses across Vietnam.

Over nearly 25 years of establishment and growth, TRA-SAS takes pride in its continuous and robust development, marked by rapid progress and innovation across various sectors. Today, TRA-SAS is widely acknowledged as one of the best entities in the customs brokerage and transportation agency in Vietnam.


Our Aim is to become a Reliable and Beneficial Partner to All of our Clients to help your Growth and maximize your Competitive Advantages by The Best of Our Abilities.


With a wealth of experience in the field of logistics in Vietnam, our company is committed to providing optimal services to our customers based on the experience we possess and the implementation of new strategies and technologies that we are pursuing. Our company is dedicated to a sustainable future and improving the environmental well-being of the community.


1. TRUST: Building trust in every relationship to become a reliable and sustainable partner.

2. ACCOUNTABILITY: Committing to fulfill responsibilities and ensure set goals, placing the interests of customers and the community at the forefront.

3. ETHICS: Adhering to ethical principles in all business activities.

4. CONTINOUS LEARNING: Continuously enhancing knowledge, skills, and service quality through ongoing learning and development.

5. FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY: Committing to maintain financial sustainability, ensuring long-term service capacity and investment in development.


Under the motto of “Sustainable Development with Partners“, TRA-SAS is honored to cooperate with reliable partners worldwide. Through continuous learning and improvement of our operational network, TRA-SAS always seeks to collaborate with companies sharing our vision, aiming to deliver exceptional service experiences to customers on a global scale. We believe that having suitable partners in different countries reflects the company’s growth and adds value to our services, offering customers a wide range of diverse options.

  • Strategic partners in the logistics sector with a strong and efficient global network
  • Partners in joint investment, operation, and management of logistics centers and other logistics services
  • Partners in collaborative ventures and investments in innovative fields


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