At TRA-SAS, we believe in nurturing our workforce and promoting a culture of continuous growth from within. Our focus extends beyond delivering exceptional services to our clients; we prioritize the training, development, and creation of a positive work environment for our dedicated team members. Human resources are the valuable assets that drive sustainable growth for any organization.

Training and Development: We understand that an organization’s success hinges on the continuous development of employees. We consistently provide training programs and opportunities for ongoing learning to enhance the skills and knowledge of our workforce, thereby elevating service quality and adaptability to market changes.

Positive Working Environment: At TRA-SAS, we place great emphasis on fostering a friendly, collaborative, and innovative work environment. Our goal is to empower our employees to reach their full potential and motivate them.

Innovation and Creativity: We encourage and highly value our employees contributions of new ideas to improve work processes and offer optimal solutions to our clients.

TRA-SAS culture not only fuels our company’s growth but also builds strong relationships with all our clients and partners. We take pride in the enduring foundation of our culture and remain committed to preserving and enhancing it to continue delivering the best value to our dedicated workforce.


TRA-SAS has over 200 members, 85% of our members are below 35 years old. From our young and dynamic team to our experienced, professional Board of Managers, TRA-SAS is fully committed to the spirit of  “I CAN”. We want to provide our customers with desirable service experiences.


At TRA-SAS, we are committed to equipping and updating the knowledge and skills of our workforce through regular training programs. We believe in providing our team with the overall knowledge they need to excel in their roles, ensuring top-notch service for our clients.

Our training initiatives include:

  • Meeting with Industry Experts: We regularly organize meetings and training with industry experts, customs officials, and senior specialists to share knowledge and address any challenges our employees may face in their work. Furthermore, we continuously expand our connections with strategic partners in the market, engage with members of Logistics Associations, and participate in forums related to import and export. This allows us to share knowledge, expertise, and gain additional experience together, fostering ongoing development.
  • Keeping Abreast of Regulations: We continuously update information regarding the latest regulations and official legal documents from relevant ministries, customs authorities, and other authorized agencies related to our customers’ import and export activities.
  • Professional Development: We facilitate participation in fundamental and advanced vocational courses offered by domestic and international organizations for all our employees. This has resulted in a 100% participation rate in customs declaration courses from the General Department of Customs and full legal permits for all our drivers and transport vehicles.
  • Digital Technology: We introduce software and knowledge-sharing tools to support our employees in efficiently and accurately completing their tasks.
  • Management Skills: We provide opportunities for our management team to participate in MBA programs, knowledge courses, and certifications offered by reputable international organizations in our field of operation.
  • Soft Skills Training: We offer soft skills training to enhance job performance and meet customer requirements effectively.
  • KPI-Based Performance Evaluation: We establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the capabilities of our entire workforce. TRA-SAS recognizes and honors individuals who demonstrate outstanding capabilities and contribute to the company’s success.


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