I.O.R Service

With the experience and outstanding strengths of TRA-SAS in the import and export sector for many years, we are confident to be a trusted, transparent, professional and efficient trust service provider for all customers and partners.


  • Business license in multiple fields, multiple industries.
  • Strong financial capacity: the Earning per share always over 75% legal capital, good financial ratios. a high credit V.I.P partner of domestic and international banks such as Vietcombank, HSBC, ACB, Sacombank .. enable TRA-SAS to fund all working capital inquiries with the priority interest.
  • Enthusiastic, experienced and professional human resources, providing perfect service experience and loyalty to customers.
    The result:
    TRA-SAS is the trusted authorized importer of McDonald’s and Starbuck Vietnam from 2013 to present.
    TRA-SAS is proud to be selected by the Customs Department of Ho Chi Minh and Cat Lai Port as one of The eligible enterprises to participate in the Trade Facilitation Project in 2020.



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