Customs Brokerage Service

Customs declaration and clearance play an important role in import and export activities of all Enterprises. With complicated procedures, documents and constantly changing legal regulations, without update on knowledge and experience, Corporations may encounter obstacles and unexpected incidents.

– TRA-SAS, with a team of knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic and professional human resources, we are proud to be one of leaders in providing Customs Brokerage Service for all companies with the target of prestige, accuracy, economy and efficiency. Besides, our team can advise customers quickly and accurately to declare correctly, fully and take advantage of preferential policies of the state to protect the interests of importers, exports, and the trust of customs authorities in customs broker services.

TRA-SAS’s Customs Agent Operation License No: 3069/QĐ-TCHQ (09 th October 2015) and more than 60 employees of the company were granted a professional Customs Declaration Certificate by the General Department of Customs. With our EDI platform and modern digital connectivity, TRA-SAS commits to ensuring the efficient and convenient customs clearance of our customers’ goods, while maintaining competitive service prices in the market.

– TRA-SAS specializes in providing the following services:

  • Consult on tax policy
  • Consult on import and export procedures, goods management policy
  • Apply for import license & Register dossiers at relevant Authorities
  • Check import and export documents, declare the customs sheet
  • Apply for Certificate of Origin, Health Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate for exported goods
  • Other services to support import and export activities: sampling, fumigation, self-declaration registration, inspection, product’s declaration, cosmetic announcement, classification of medical equipment, supervision, tax exemption, tax refund, working with Customs Authorities and other related parties, delivering containers to the warehouse…

– Typical Customers:

And other valuable customers: McDonald, Starbucks, TETRA PACK, L.S PACK, KPACK, Link Nature Power


  1. A comprehensive logistics solution provider.
  2. Demonstrated robust financial capacity.
  3. Passionate, experienced, and professional team.
  4. State-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology.
  5. The capability profile has been substantiated, adhering to the stringent security policies and ethical standards of major corporations, earning the trust of prominent brands.


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