OUR people


When it comes to the existence of a company, we often think of the customers. But in order to attract customers to the business, it is necessary to have a great deal of effort from the human resources. Therefore, TRA-SAS always attaches special importance to the "HUMAN" factor. It is the most valuable asset for the sustainable development of all businesses.

At TRA-SAS, we believe that outstanding human resources and a comfortable, united and harmonious working environment will be the driving force and play a key role for growth and successful future.


TRA-SAS has over 200 members, 85% of our members are below 35 years old. From our young and dynamic team to our experienced, professional Board of Managers, TRA-SAS is fully committed to the spirit of “I CAN”. We want to provide our customers with desirable service experiences.


TRA-SAS often organizes Training Programs with the target of updating knowledge and improving skills for the staff of the enterprise.

- Organize meetings with industry experts, customs officers, senior experts to impart knowledge, answer problems in the process of performing work of employees.

- Update new Circulars, Decrees, and Official Letters from Ministries, Customs, Authorities related to import and export activities of enterprises.

- Encourage all employees to participate in basic and advanced professional courses of domestic and international organizations. Results: As a result, 100% employees took part in Customs Professional Certificate Course, 100% drivers & means of transport have valid license.

- Introduce suitable knowledge sharing software to all employees

- Give opportunity for Manager team to join the MBA course as well as high-level professional courses from prestigious international organizations.

- Create favorable conditions for the company's employees to participate in soft skills courses to support their work, improve working efficiency, and meet customers' requirements.

- Set up KPI to evaluate the capacity of all employees. TRA-SAS honors the outstanding individuals who are dedicated to the success of the company.