Trucking Service

With a number of container trucks and light trucks combined with domestic, sea and rail transport partners, TRA-SAS is always ready to meet all the needs of customers to transport goods to any location in Vietnam, as well as transporting goods between Vietnam and border countries with the target of safety, economical and timely.

Outstanding features:

  • Container Trucks:

-   20 container heads

-   55 chassis

-   04 designed containers

-   04 frozen generators

  • Light Trucks:

- 05 trucks * 1 ton.

- 15 trucks * 2 tons.

- 05 trucks * 5-8 tons

  • 100% of transport vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking device and online management by TMS (Transport Management System) allowing customers to log in to monitor and track cargo journeys.
  • 100% of vehicles are produced after 2013 with new technology in the industry. Modern engine, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions, meeting the criteria in the “green logistics” industry.